My Message to the Vaccinated

Firstly, I want to say, that the vaccine does not define you, nor me. I know we are all more than this – vaccinated or unvaccinated. We are sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, colleagues and neighbours. However, in this time, this specific choice of medical intervention is attempting to divide our societies, our relationships, our families – and turn us against each other.

And I can not accept that. I know some of you may think that us unvaccinated foster hostile thoughts about you behind your backs, ridicule you and mock you. This is the picture the media wants to paint. That there is an insurmountable difference between us, and that we are not only different, we are enemies and a danger to one another. The narrative on vilifying the unvaccinated has been so brilliant, so insidious, so systematic that I don’t blame you, if you at one point have thought that anyone who questions the vaccine is somewhat crazy or dangerous.

But what if I told you that we are actually genuinely concerned, concerned about you? That we are witnessing the ever increasing control put upon humanity, the ever increasing requirement of doses, as a price for your freedom, and we are profoundly disturbed by this?

I would lie if I said I have not been angry or frustrated with you. Of course I have. I have had thoughts like – how come they trust the pharmaceutical industry more than their own loved ones? Or, how could they let go of their freedom so easily? Yes, I have felt – your compliance is a threat to my rights. Which is true! 

And yet, I cannot help but feel something far more than that. The sadness, the love. The knowing that you guys are simply trying to do your best. And it kills me even more. Knowing that your trust, your good intentions, humanity and sense of responsibility is being weaponised against you.

It dawns on me – how there has to be a first hand experience of betrayal or trauma, before the painful reality of vaccines can fully penetrate the consciousness.

We are told, we are good people if we take the vaccines. We protect others, if we take the vaccines. And who wouldn’t want to protect others? One must be a total brute or a selfish bastard not to want to protect others – right?

Unless that claim was actually untrue. What would you do, if you found out, that you have been lied to? What would you do, if you realised, that these products, which are claimed to have saved countless millions of lives, are actually doing the opposite? Are actually maiming, sterilising and killing countless millions of people? Vaccines are literally a tool of eugenics – an institutional method to control and reduce population growth.

Yes, that is the level of deception we are talking about. Now you are beginning to understand why some of us feel extremely strongly about the topic of vaccines. It is only the most heinous medical crime against humanity ever perpetrated. It is sold off as a miracle, as a life insurance, given to newborns, expecting mothers, the elderly, and vulnerable people in “risk groups”, only to compromise their health, or destroy it completely.

These are bold claims, and I am not expecting you to take my word for it. I am asking you to look into it. What if what I am saying is true? With what fervour would you talk about this topic? If you KNEW that these products are designed to be dangerous? Not only to yourself, but to everyone you love.

I have spent years in the Amazon rainforest, and unfortunately the indigenous are test subjects for new vaccines there, as they are in many other so-called third world countries as well.

Also, when you discover the truth about HIV and AIDS, polio and Spanish Flu, when you discover what was actually causing these symptoms and what people were dying of, you start realising the scope of the pharmaceutical industry’s lies. It is diabolical.

And it is not that we unvaccinated are somehow more clever or harder to fool than you guys – we have been fooled also. Trust me when I say, we have all had our ugly moment of awakening, coming face to face with the painful reality.

But here is the thing – it had to be painful. It had to be painful on a personal level for us to have been able to have the courage and the strength to see beyond the dominant paradigm, the belief system we had been raised in.

My story is that I am vaccine injured.

I have personal experience of developing sudden severe allergies and strange spinal issues immediately after a series of vaccines, which were required of me to take in order to obtain my green card and live in America. I was 18 at the time, and fully trusting the Western medical system, so it did not occur to me to question the safety of vaccines. Even when I was hospitalised twice, I could not trace it back to the vaccine, as that possibility did not exist for me. It was simply a medical mystery, or a stroke of “bad luck”.

Later on in my life, as I began to learn about nutrition, diet and natural medicine, I came across the phenomena of vaccine induced auto-immune disorders and allergies, and was able to clearly trace back my own onset of allergies to the vaccines. Having said that, I have been able to cure 99% of them over the last 10 years, so I also know that these things can be healed. But of course, this left me with a question, what else is caused by vaccines? How many of the mysterious diseases we suffer with, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, Celiac and Crohn’s disease – are actually caused by the heavy metals and toxic chemicals inside vaccines?

What was life-changing for me, was when I began to research the subject of vaccine injury and death by vaccine. I came across the same extremely disturbing pattern, over and over again – where once the victims realised their conditions were caused by vaccines, the medical establishment would absolutely deny it. If the parents decided not to continue vaccinating their injured children, the paediatricians would deny care, and even social services and police could get involved – where the parents were either accused of being insane, or themselves having caused the health problems to the child. In some cases even criminal investigations would be started against the parents who realised their baby died of a vaccine, accusing them of murder. 

The families of vaccine injured people were either being neglected and marginalised or ridiculed and demonised by the society, systematically. So already way before any of this COVID vaccine tyranny, I discovered what a taboo and almost sacrosanct subject vaccination is. 

Sadly, this same gaslighting and persecution of vaccine injured people is still happening today, but on a much larger scale. Even people who themselves have been vaccine injured from the COVID-shot are often in denial or self-censoring and keeping quiet, as the threshold is so huge for them to come out and declare that this all-powerful remedy has actually harmed them. God forbid if they became one of those rabid, crazy conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers, right? Are you beginning to see the picture?

One thing is the physical harm being caused by these poison injections, which is already a matter of great concern. But another thing altogether is their spiritual consequences. This is a far more serious topic, and a topic that nobody really wants to touch. Yet, it has to be done. Out of love. From one caring heart to another.

The COVID vaccine – is a contract. For your life.

Have you noticed, that there has always been a way out of getting yourself vaccinated? Yes, the word “mandatory” has been tossed around, under the spell of the “pandemic law”, but when you really look into it, you will find out that any law that violates our fundamental human rights like bodily sovereignty or medical freedom is actually unlawful, and thus cannot be enforced without consequent criminal charges. Because it cannot hold in the court of law. For it violates every single treaty, and agreement and declaration of human rights. 

They have simply hung this idea above our heads, knowing that the mere threat of forced vaccinations is enough to get people voluntarily queueing up for it. We have been brought up with a belief, that anyone who goes against government regulations must be a dangerous criminal, or a despicable conflict-seeking radical. So of course, if the health authorities of our countries recommend or require everyone to vaccinate, for the protection of the vulnerable, most people are going to do that without question. Just like I did, when I was told it was the only way for me to be able to live and work in California back in the day. I rolled up my sleeve without hesitation.

But it isn’t just about what they claim, it’s about how deeply we are prepared to look into things. For these powers that shouldn’t be, these industries and governments that dominate the world, do recognise Natural Law, and despite their obvious trickery and masterful deception, they actually operate with transparency and consent. It is all about contracts. They don’t want to force us, they want us to choose our own demise.

This is why on the list of “side” effects of nearly every single pharmaceutical, you will find things like “paralysis”, “thrombosis” and “death”. This is why on the list of ingredients of industrially produced “food” products, you will see poisonous things like “E-621” or “monosodium glutamate”. On the front of the package you may see the word “Natural” as a beautifully typed brand name with images of green leaves and flowers, but behind the product, you will see toxic chemicals listed openly.

They count on us being so over-worked and exhausted, that we do not invest our time or attention to the small print. And they are right. Most of us go on face value alone. If it’s a popular brand, it must be a trusted one. When in reality, when you start looking into the crimes of the food and drug industry, you will find that the most popular brands are the ones with the biggest fines in fraud and sale of toxic products. 

Just look at the criminal track record of Pfizer – biggest fine in American history, 2.3 billion dollars for fraud. And we are supposed to trust them with our lives, and the lives of our children? In my books they are nothing more than a disgusting criminal organisation, raking in billions for the suffering of the unaware.

But whatever company produced it, Pfizer, Moderna or MERC – know this: No medical intervention or a pharmaceutical product – or any other ingestible, injectable or implantable product – can ever be forced on you lawfully. Ever, in any situation. Pandemic or not. According to Natural Law, you hold the ultimate authority over your body, and over all decisions regarding your health and your life.

So, the vaccine is entirely voluntary. But it comes with a high price. It comes with a contract. Subconsciously you already knew this, as you have already bargained your God given rights for this product. 

I know these are harsh words, but this is the reality. 

You have traded your self-ownership, your freedom, your right to move, your right to work, your right to participate in society. All of these things belong to us freely, by virtue of us being alive here on this beautiful Earth, but now they have been sold with a price tag and an expiration date.

The COVID-vaccine is a ticket to pharmaceutical slavery.

Furthermore, while the contents of the jab remain unclear, the vaccine developers have been proudly boasting about this next generation of vaccines, which has the technology to make your body into an RNA factory – meaning it is changing the way your organism functions biologically. You are literally agreeing to your biology being modified. And hence, you are actually consenting to becoming a product, their product, which can be owned and eliminated.

But I’ve got news for you, my dear vaccinated friends. You can rescind this contract. For all contracts made knowingly or unknowingly can be rescinded by the power of your free will, which is the highest gift bestowed on us by the Creator of this Universe. You can say ‘no’. 

Moreover, I have full faith that the damage of these injections can be healed. 

And look – you are not alone. There are millions of us. All the while, as they have been telling you to accept another lockdown, another rule, another restriction, another ritual of humiliation, another dose – we have remained unvaccinated and perfectly able to live our lives. Yes, we have faced discrimination, yes a few of us have been brutalised and arrested for our stance, some of us have lost our livelihoods, and yes, we all have had to get creative as the society was being closed off from us, but we have had each other’s support all along.

So, I am here to tell you, that you are not a victim of your circumstances, for you have a choice. There is always another way. Always.

Whatever happens, we will continue to stand for your rights. For your life and your body is sacred, regardless of your opinion or history. We are all equally worthy of freedom. 

And if you choose to join us, we will welcome you, with open arms.

All my love!

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