The Miracle of Being Alive

Ask yourself, when is the last time you have woken up with your body completely buzzing with energy? Every molecule of your being just bursting with vitality. Your eyes in absolute awe of the trillion pixel colour display in front of you, hungry to explore this immense world surrounding you. Your feet excited to pick up your weight and carry you anywhere your heart desires. Your ears curious and ready to receive any information the world is going to transmit to your frequencies. Your lungs eager to fill you up with tremendous life force, bringing your mind clarity, your spirit peace, and your body strength. Your heart beating with incredible ease, directing the flow of life inside your veins like the master conductor of a symphony orchestra, creating a miraculous rhythm, the music that makes us and keeps us alive. Your whole being just radiating with joy and gratitude of having woken up to its magical existence.
This is the living organism that we are. The marvellous creature, human being.

So why, then, most of us nearly never feel this way? Somehow we have been made to think it is normal for our bodies to be tired, our minds uninspired, and our spirits low. No. We have descended to the level of a zoo human being.

If you really start thinking about it, it makes absolutely perfect sense. Our lives are completely upside down. We are blessed with this incredible body of muscles, bones and connective tissues, yet we barely ever use it. Instead, we sit in cars and buses to move to places, sit in the office at work, and sit on the sofa at home. Our intricately designed complex system needs a myriad of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and proteins to run, yet we eat dead food, and drink dead water. Our brains and blood need plenty of fresh air, but we spend most of our days indoors. Our souls require music and art to express our nature as creator beings, and yet we have settled to simply consume. Now, is it any wonder that we don’t feel good, if we live a life that is not meant for human beings?

What about our spirit? It is completely normal for us to take a two-week holiday to an amazing country and feel happy and alive, and come back home to feel nowhere nearly as good for the rest of the year. We have been brainwashed to accept misery in our lives. We have been made slaves. We do not live to thrive like every other species, we live to work and to make money. Day in and day out we are fed unhealthy information about how to live our lives. Which evil bank to go to, which messed up insurance policy to apply for, what child labour produced clothes to purchase, what cancer creating and completely nutrition dead food to eat, what cosmetics made out of industrial waste to use, what putrid pharmaceutical concoction to inject into our tissues to secure another dose of soon expiring privilege.

If we are conditioned to be miserable, to live a life in the zoo, how are we supposed to be able to care about anything? How could we care about the pollution, the radiation, the poverty, the human rights crisis, the digitalisation of our identities, if we don’t even care about our own existence?

So I challenge myself and you to look deeply into your life, and stop the misery. Quit your job, move to the countryside, build a school, start an orphanage, make music, learn to surf, go vegan, find meaning! Do what it takes!

Get out of the zoo!

*Updated from the original post on Feb 21, 2014

Picture by Olivia Milani

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